Business Management


Completion of the Business Management Certificate prepares you to apply the critical skills needed to plan, organize, staff, and direct day-to-day business management functions. This certificate is broad based and offers a general background in business management. You may apply these courses to an Associate Degree.

Certificate Outcomes

  • Apply computer & technology skills with Microsoft Office Suites software.
  • Apply business mathematics and accounting principles.
  • Develop business management skills.
  • Develop marketing and selling fundamental skills.
  • Demonstrate other critical success skills such as oral and written communication.

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Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
102-148 Introduction to Business and Management 3
103-106 Introduction to Microsoft Office Suites 3
104-102 Marketing Principles 3
801-195 Written Communication 3
804-123 Math with Business Applications 3
Semester 2
101-117 Accounting Fundamentals 3
102-109 Business Careers Planning and Communication 3
102-115 Management Principles 3
102-160 Business Law 3
Selling Principles
or Introduction to Project Management
116-193 Human Resource Management 3
 Total Credits33