Entry Maintenance Technician

Embedded Technical Diploma

This embedded diploma is designed to prepare completers for entry-level electromechanical maintenance technician employment.  Employment opportunities include the areas of electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, analog circuits, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and computer and robotic programming.  The diploma covers electromechanical safety, the fundamentals of DC and AC electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, analog circuits, introduction to programmable logic controllers, computer and robotic programming, technical mathematics, and written communications.

Pathway Certificates and Embedded Technical Diplomas are part of a larger model of BTC’s Career Pathways which link related academic programs in sequence.  Each program offers direct job preparation and a path to the next level of academic programming.  To view the connected program model, visit the Electro-Mechanical Technology Career Path (PDF).

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
605-102 Fundamentals of DC Circuits 3
620-100 Hydraulics 3
620-105 Pneumatics 2
620-110 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) 4
804-113 College Technical Mathematics 1A 3
Semester 2
605-104 Fundamentals of AC Circuits 3
605-106 Analog Circuits 3
620-115 Computer and Robotic Programming 4
801-195 Written Communication 3
804-114 College Technical Mathematics 1B 2
 Total Credits30