Industrial Maintenance Technician

Technical Diploma

The 2 year Technical Diploma Industrial Maintenance Technician program is designed to provide the multi-craft skills needed to maintain complex and integrated manufacturing systems. The program provides students with practical hands-on experience in electricity, programmable logic controllers, maintenance machining, hydraulics, pneumatics, conveyor systems, mechanical maintenance, equipment maintenance, welding, safety, rigging, and maintenance management. This program provides a broad base of skills that are suitable for initial or upgrade training.

Program Outcomes

  • Work safely in accordance with OSHA Standards.
  • Integrate mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • Communicate technical information effectively.
  • Install and troubleshoot basic electrical circuits.
  • Install and troubleshoot basic hydraulic circuits.
  • Apply machine shop fundamentals.
  • Apply problem solving skills and troubleshooting methods.

Graduates Have Found Employment As

  • Industrial or Maintenance Mechanic
  • Machine Adjuster
  • Machine Assembler
  • Machine Erector
  • Machine Repairer

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Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
462-306 Machining Prints 2
462-307 Maintenance Milling 3
462-308 Industrial Maintenance Metallurgy & Metrology 2
462-309 Lathe Fabrication Processes 3
801-311 Communication 2
804-306 Shop Mathematics I 2
Semester 2
462-316 Conveyor Systems 3
462-317 Basic Welding for Industrial Maintenance 3
462-318 Mechanical Power Transmission Systems 3
462-319 Valves, Gaskets, Seals 1
462-321 Machine Setup and Installation 3
Semester 3
462-311 Fluid Systems 4
462-312 Pneumatic Systems 3
462-313 Facility Prints 3
462-314 Maintenance Management 2
462-322 Human Relations in the Industrial Setting 2
Semester 4
462-301 Electrical Fundamentals 3
462-302 Electrical Control System 3
462-303 Programmable Logic Controllers 4
462-304 Electro-Mechnical Prints 2
804-308 Shop Mathematics II 2
 Total Credits55

General Education Courses Within Program

804-306Shop Mathematics I2
804-308Shop Mathematics II2

Associate Degrees and Technical Diplomas are part of a larger model of BTC’s Career Pathways which link related academic programs in sequence.  Each program within a career pathway offers direct job preparation and a path to the next level of academic programming.  To view the connected program model, visit the Industrial Maintenance Technician Career Path (PDF).