Pharmacy Technician

Technical Diploma

Pharmacy Technicians assist registered pharmacists in dispensing medications and other health care products to patients. They work in institutional and community pharmacies. Job duties include working with third party and doctor’s offices in resolving adjudication of patients’ insurance or state funding programs. Pharmacy Technicians use mathematical skills including proportions and basic algebra to complete tasks associated with preparing prescribed medication and providing drugs to patients They also compound medications, process verbal prescriptions, respond to doctor calls, coordinate expense and medication orders, handle returns and expired credits, and oversee non-licensed pharmacy management. A thorough knowledge of weights and measures and proficiency in area of fractions, ratios, proportions, decimals, and metric system conversions is strongly recommended for successful completion of this program.

To enroll in the Pharmacy Technician program, students must be attending high school, possess a high school equivalency certificate, or be a high school graduate.

Prior to enrolling in the Pharmacy Technician program (536) courses with the exception of Intro to Pharmacy Practice (536-302), students must complete an online criminal background check. There is an additional fee associated with the background check process.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate personal/interpersonal knowledge and skills in the practice of pharmacy  
  • Demonstrate foundational professional knowledge and skills for the practice of pharmacy  
  • Prepare prescriptions/medication orders and pharmaceutical products for dispensing, distribution, and disposal  
  • Compound sterile and nonsterile medications  
  • Follow established policies and procedures for procurement, billing, reimbursement and inventory management  
  • Utilize pharmacy technology and informatics
  • Adhere to state and federal regulations governing the practice of pharmacy  
  • Apply the principles of quality assurance to the practice of pharmacy  

Graduates May Find Employment As

  • Pharmacy Technician - Hospitals
  • Pharmacy Technician - Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Pharmacy Technician - Community
  • Pharmacy Technician - Retail
  • Pharmacy Aide
  • Home IV Specialist
  • Pharmacy Assistant

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Plan of Study Grid
Courses taken before semester 1Credits
536-302 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 1
Semester 1
501-101 Medical Terminology 3
501-107 Digital Literacy for Healthcare 2
536-312 Therapeutic Agents 4
536-322 Pharmacy Calculations 2
536-332 Pharmacy Practice 2
801-311 Communication 2
Semester 2
536-342 Prescription Processing 3
536-352 Pharmacy Customer Service 2
536-362 Pharmaceutical Preparations 4
536-372 Payment Processing 2
536-382 Pharmacy Clinical Practice 2
 Total Credits29

General Education Courses Within Program


Associate Degrees and Technical Diplomas are part of a larger model of BTC’s Career Pathways which link related academic programs in sequence.  Each program within a career pathway offers direct job preparation and a path to the next level of academic programming.  To view the connected program model, visit the Pharmacy Technician Career Path (PDF).