Facilities Security and Access

The College has Campus Security; however, they do not have arrest powers. Security officers have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether individuals have lawful business at the college. College security officers have the authority to enforce College and administrative policies as well as the Student Code of Conduct.

The College uses local law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction over the campuses and centers to investigate and enforce ordinances and criminal laws.

The mission of the College can best be served by providing its students and staff with a secure, safe and appropriate environment for the pursuit of learning, work, and training. To assist in providing this favorable atmosphere, College buildings and grounds are open to all persons who use the facilities in a lawful manner and do not disrupt the educational programming and normal activities of the College. Persons who interfere with or disrupt the College’s normal routine, or threaten any person who is using the College’s facilities, will be asked to leave the premises. Disruption includes, but is not limited to, the unauthorized entering or accessing of any College building, facility, property, employee work area, service, resource, or activity. Anyone refusing to leave the premises, when requested to do so, may be escorted off the premises and arrested by law enforcement authorities and charged in accordance with appropriate local ordinances.

Under no circumstances will private process servers be given access to students or staff on College property.

Access to and use of Blackhawk facilities are governed by institutional policies and local statutes. Access to facilities is limited to College students, faculty, and staff for work, education, or other related purposes. Outside groups may use the facilities with special permission in accordance with district policy.