In order to graduate students must:

  • Complete all necessary coursework.
  • Have a college GPA of 2.0 or higher. Please note: some programs may require a higher GPA for graduation)
  • Completed at least 25% of all program required courses at BTC.
  • Complete the graduation application by the posted deadline for the academic year.

Students who do not meet the criteria identified and/or deadlines may not be able to participate in the formal ceremony and receipt the diploma will be delayed.

Students who previously submitted graduation applications that did not meet the graduation criteria must re-submit an updated application. 

Students completing additional programs will need to complete a separate graduation application. 


Commencement is held only once a year - typically in May - for students who meet the following requirements:

  • Are within six (6) credits of completing a program (diploma or degree programs) which has twelve or more credits.
  • Apply for graduation by the application deadline.
  • Pay the cap and gown fee
  • Wear caps and gowns for Commencement. Information regarding the purchase of the cap and gown will be provided in early spring
  • If you are unsure at the time you apply to graduate whether you plan to attend the ceremony, we would encourage you to mark "yes". If you find out later you can no longer participate, send notification via
  • Students and guests requiring special accommodations must contact at least two (2) weeks before Commencement.
  • Commencement will be recorded.

Honor Cords

The Honor Cord program recognizes graduating students who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or above at the end of the semester prior to completing their program requirements. Qualifying students will receive a complimentary gold cord that can be worn on the graduation gown recognizing this achievement of academic excellence. This honor is sponsored by Student Activity Fees. Those who qualify will be notified through the Blackhawk student email. For further information regarding the Honor Cord, contact the registrar at