Agribusiness/Science Technology

Associate Degree

The Agribusiness/Science technology focus of this program gives students the skills needed to run their own agribusiness operation or help other agricultural producers become more successful. Students will learn how to merge business and science to produce a product and make a profit. Through hands-on learning and on-the-job experience, students gain skills in animal science and nutrition, integrated pest management, soil science, crop production and precision agriculture. Students develop crop management, livestock management, and business plans as well as learn how to enhance success through sales, marketing and business management. This program will provide opportunities in a variety of agribusiness career pathways.

Program Outcomes

  • Create a crop management plan
  • Develop an agri-business management plan
  • Apply economic and marketing strategies to agribusiness industry
  • Apply relevant technologies
  • Create a livestock management plan
  • Investigate opportunities in agribusiness
  • Interact as a professional in agribusiness

Graduates Have Found Employment As

  • Sales Representative
  • Service Representatives
  • Farm Manager
  • Agricultural Technician
Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
006-101 Contemporary Issues in Sustainability 1
006-102 Emerging Agriculture Technologies 2
006-108 Commercial Drivers Training 1
006-116 Introduction to Soils 3
006-169 Career Develop in Agriculture 2
102-148 Introduction to Business and Management 3
801-198 Speech 3
Mathematical Reasoning
or Intermediate Algebra with Applications
Semester 2
006-103 Agricultural Commodity Marketing 1
006-105 Nutrient Management 3
006-107 Pest Management:Applicator Training 3
006-160 Introduction to Plant Science 3
006-162 Farm Records and Business Management 3
006-180 Introduction to Animal Science 3
Summer between year 1 and year 2
006-197 Agribusiness Internship 3
Semester 3
006-165 Livestock Nutrition 3
006-181 Crop Management 3
104-102 Marketing Principles 3
801-195 Written Communication 3
809-198 Introduction to Psychology 3
Semester 4
006-164 Livestock Management 3
006-166 Precision Agriculture Technologies 3
104-104 Selling Principles 3
809-143 Microeconomics 3
 Total Credits64

 General Education Courses Within Program

801-195Written Communication3
809-198Introduction to Psychology3
804-134Mathematical Reasoning3
or 804-118 Intermediate Algebra with Applications