Adding/Dropping Courses

Adding a Course

Students may add courses online or in-person up until the start of the semester. Once a course begins, registration can only be processed in-person with an instructor's approval. When adding a course, all additional tuition and fees will need to be paid upfront or a payment plan must be established.

DROP/ADD: During the first week of the semester, students can drop a course and add a different course (or choose a different section of the same course). When dropping and adding at the same time, tuition from the dropped class is used to pay for the new class. After the first week of the semester, switching sections or adding classes requires approval from the instructor of the course. If there is a difference in cost, students are responsible for paying any additional fees at the time of registration.

Dropping and Withdrawing a Course

Students are responsible for notifying the College when dropping a course. Dropping a course can impact a student’s program status and completion timeline. Dropping a course may affect financial aid. If an agency or program is funding educational expenses, students may be required to have schedule changes approved by the agency or program staff. Students are responsible for all course fees not paid.

Courses can be dropped through the MyBTC portal before the first day of the semester or in the Registration and Records Office prior to the start of a course. When dropping a course, students may be eligible for a refund (see WTCS Refund Policy). Dropped courses are not listed on a student's transcripts. Refunds are directly deposited to accounts established in TouchNet or a check is mailed within two weeks.

After the add/drop period, students are able to withdraw from a course. Upon officially withdrawing, students will see a grade of "W" on their transcripts. Students cannot withdraw (a grade of "W" is recorded on the student’s transcript and no tuition refund is available) from a course if 20 percent or less of the class remains. Students using financial aid are required to see the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing. It is highly recommended that students also see an advisor if withdrawing from a course. If students are seeking to withdraw from all courses, they must meet with an advisor to review their options. Courses cannot be dropped/withdrawn if an academic misconduct issue is pending.

The College may administratively drop a student from a course for which course requirements have not been met (i.e. pre-requisites, co-requisites, etc.) or if payment arrangements have not been made by the appropriate deadline. The College may administratively withdrawal a student from a course if a student is no longer attending and progressing.