History and Development

The State of Wisconsin established a Board of Vocational and Adult Education in 1911, six years before the use of federal funds for the promotion of vocational, technical and adult education.

As a result of this law, the cities of Beloit and Janesville took the steps necessary to establish vocational schools in their communities. These two schools have developed to form the nucleus of the present technical college system district which includes Blackhawk Technical College.

In 1965, the State of Wisconsin enacted a law designed to broaden the vocational, technical and adult education opportunities for youth and adults through the inclusion of the entire state into districts by July 1, 1970. The Beloit and Janesville schools, along with the major portions of Rock and Green Counties, were organized into a single system on July 1, 1968.

Blackhawk Technical Institute, so named following this reorganizational process, became a reality. In August, 1987, along with the other 15 state technical institutes, Blackhawk Technical Institute became Blackhawk Technical College.