GED-General Education Development Certificate


GED preparation (more formally known as General Education Development) is open to all adults.  GED classes are offered at BTC's Beloit Center, central campus, and Monroe campus as well at the Rock Country Job Center and other community sites.

There are structured classes, as well as individualized study options available to students to best meet their needs.  GED classes are provided at no cost to students, although some sites may charge minimal material fees.  For additional information, contact (608) 757-7741.

Testing Service

Blackhawk Technical College is an authorized testing site for the General Education Development (GED) and credentials through a program of the American Council on Education. The GED tests measure high school-level knowledge and skills. The tests are designed to measure the academic outcomes students normally acquire by completing a typical high school program of study. Additional information can be obtained by contacting (608) 757-7666 or (800) 498-1282, ext. 7666.

For students whose high school education was insufficient to prepare them for General Education or program classes from the start, BSE classes can provide the review and basic skill development that may make the difference between success and failure in post-secondary education. 

All programs in this area tend to have very limited costs involved making them a very affordable way to enhance students' skills.  For more information, contact (608) 757-7741.