Professional and Continuing Education

We offer many courses for a variety of occupations through continuing education. Explore the variety of non-credit vocational courses designed for upgrading skills or personal development. 

Upgrade Your Skills

Enhance your skills or jumpstart a new career by acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to excel on the job. Continuing education classes offer an affordable option for exploring new areas of interest, obtaining a specific certification or fulfilling a continuing education requirement. Some of the areas these classes serve are in management, leadership development or computer literacy. We provide this training using industry veterans who know the field.

Career Preparation

You also may want to explore or prepare for a new career. We have classes in Microsoft® Office applications, electricity, safety standards and many others. Short-term trainings last from one to 10 weeks and are valuable in preparing for and deciding on a new career.

Anytime Classes

Through our partnership with ed2go, you may take online, non-credit courses that will provide both skill and enjoyment. Our partnership with ed2go gives you a choice of classes, including computer applications, law, personal development, technology, teaching and publishing. See for yourself at