Advising/Retention Services

Advising and retention services focus on the development of students. Advising assists students in achieving their academic, career and personal goals at BTC.

You are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor about any academic or personal problem. They can help you explore your aspirations, attitudes and interests. Advising and retention services include vocational guidance, career information, assistance with academic and study problems, and personal guidance.  Advisors assist with program information, course scheduling and assistance in identifying campus resources.

On the Central Campus, advisors are located in the Student Services office. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment to meet with a member of the advising team.  Walk-in hours are also available but may change from one semester to the next.  Advising services are available at the outreach centers and in the evenings on a limited schedule. For more information about advising services, or to schedule an appointment, call (608) 757-7668 at the Central Campus or (608) 328-1660 at Monroe Campus.

Student Referral

If you are experiencing problems completing program or course requirements, we encourage you to seek help immediately. Your instructor may refer you to an advisor for assistance through a student referral form. Once a referral form is received, the advisor will contact you.  You and the advisor will work together to create a plan to improve your academic performance.