Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology

Technical Diploma

HVAC/R is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. With the changing laws involving refrigerants and the influx of digital control systems, there is a constant need for qualified service technicians to work on HVAC/R equipment. A service technician will have to continually update his/her skills to keep up with the changing industry.

This program will provide proper training for people interested in a career in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) field. The technician will be prepared for employment in a variety of areas including servicing, installing, designing, estimating and selling HVAC systems for commercial and residential applications. The most modern equipment, test instruments, and computers are used for instruction.

After completing the HVAC/R two year technical diploma program, students may wish to pursue additional training in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning engineering. Credit for many of the associate degree courses in the program may be transferred to a four-year institution.

Program Outcomes

  • Perform HVAC/R service and repair operations in compliance with published safety standards.
  • Promote customer satisfaction.
  • Operate tools/equipment according to process published in operator’s manual and/or demonstrated in class.
  • Service and/or repair/replace defective components established in equipment specific repair manual and/or electronic service information systems.
  • Diagnose root cause of problems by comparing test results to an established standard.
  • Efficiently complete tasks within the expected time frame for an entry level technician.

Graduates Have Found Employment As

  • HVAC/R Service Technician
  • HVAC/R Service Installation Technician
  • HVAC/R Sales Representatives
  • HVAC/R Maintenance Technician

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Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
601-110 Air Conditioning Fundamentals 3
601-111 Print Reading and Code 2
601-115 Electrical Fundamentals 3
601-126 Refrigeration Fundamentals 2
601-127 Computerized HVAC/R Design 2
804-306 Shop Mathematics I 2
Semester 2
601-112 ACR Piping Practices 2
601-113 Refrigerant Recovery, Evacuation and Charging Methods 2
601-130 Heating Systems 3
601-135 Motors and Motor Controls 3
462-322 Human Relations in the Industrial Setting 2
801-311 Communication 2
Semester 3
601-140 Control Circuit Applications 3
601-150 Air Conditioning Applications 3
601-155 Refrigeration Applications 3
601-180 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) Installation 3
804-308 Shop Mathematics II 2
Semester 4
601-114 Industrial Comp Exam Review 1
601-145 Heating Systems Applications 3
601-160 Hydronic Systems 3
601-165 Electronic Energy Management Systems 3
601-175 Servicing, Troubleshooting Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment 3
 Total Credits55

General Education Courses Within Program

804-306Shop Mathematics I2
804-308Shop Mathematics II2

Associate Degrees and Technical Diplomas are part of a larger model of BTC’s Career Pathways which link related academic programs in sequence.  Each program within a career pathway offers direct job preparation and a path to the next level of academic programming.  To view the connected program model, visit the HVAC/R Technology Career Path (PDF).