Metallurgy (422)

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This course examines the nature, properties, and processing of metals. Subjects presented include history, occurrence, recovery from ores, manufacture, structure, heat treatment, theory of alloys, and basics of materials science. Steels, cast iron, and common non-ferrous metals receive the major emphasis.

Aid Code: 10 - Associate Degree.
Credits: 3

422-343 Welding Blueprint Reading 1

This course covers the fundamentals of Blueprint reading. Students examine and analyze types of drawings, orthographic projection, library of lines, title block dimensions and produce sketching projects.

Aid Code: 31 - One-year Technical Diploma.
Credits: 1

422-344 Welding Blueprint Reading 2

This course covers blueprint reading specific to the welding industry. Students examine and define welding symbols and abbreviations used on welding specific blueprints.

Aid Code: 31 - One-year Technical Diploma.
Credits: 2