Social Science (859)

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859-762 BSE Social Science 2 Review - Storefront

This course allows students to work on any area in the social sciences that they need to review to be successful in later course work, on the GED tests, or in their career.

Aid Code: 74 - Interm ABE (6.0-8.9).
Credits: 3
Pre-requisites: (GED/ESL/BS Course Approval)

859-773 BSE Social Science, Civics, HSED

This course is an overview of the American government and how it impacts and influences the lives of American citizens. Areas of concentration are colonization, the constitution, branches of government, checks and balances, the Bill of Rights, state and local governments and citizen responsibility. Students who fi nish 30 hours of instruction in this course meet the citizenship requirement for the HSED certification.

Aid Code: 76 - HS Dip,GED.HSED (9.0-12.9).
Credits: 2