Apprentice Programs

The apprenticeship process is a formal arrangement involving employers, apprenticeship committees, state government, technical colleges, and individuals who want to learn a skilled craft through on-the-job training and applied classroom instruction in their chosen trade. Paid Related Instruction is a key part of each apprenticeship and is required by the Wisconsin apprenticeship law. The length of training may vary from two to five years, depending on the trade. Apprentices who successfully complete the prescribed number of hours of training become certified skilled workers.

Blackhawk Technical College currently offers the following:

  • 50-413-1 Industrial Electrician Apprentice 
  • 50-413-2 Electricity (Construction) Apprentice
  • 50-413-9 Electrician Apprentice (ABC)
  • 50-464-1 Maintenance Technician Apprentice
  • 50-620-1 Mechatronics Apprentice
  • 50-420-2 Machinist Apprentice
  • 50-401-9 HVAC Apprenticeship
  • 50-442-1 Welding Fabricator Apprentice

To become an apprentice, students first need to get hired by an employer in one of the fields listed above, followed by an application process and state approval through the employer.  Many individuals, including women and minorities, have discovered that apprenticeship training offers an opportunity for a good-paying career.

Further information and a list of Wisconsin apprenticeships can be obtained online at or by calling (608) 266-3332. For information on BTC’s apprenticeship programs or the apprenticeship process, please contact (608) 757-7628.