CPR and First Aid

Healthcare Provider CPR

For any medical staff personnel, medical type students, EMT’s, nursing students, and nursing personnel. The course consists of airway obstruction and CPR, two person CPR, using adjunct equipment for infants, children, and adults based on the newest American Heart Association techniques. (OSHA approved)

Healthcare Provider CPR Refresher

Bi-annual update for those already certified in CPR.

Heartsaver AED CPR

CPR is an emergency procedure designed to restore life after sudden unexpected death has occurred. This basic life support training includes recognition of the early warning signs of heart attack and proper response to these symptoms. When certified you will be able to recognize respiratory arrest and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR involves a combination of ventilation techniques and chest compressions. Proficiency in CPR requires mannequin practice supervised by certified instructors. A bi-annual refresher class is necessary to maintain CPR skills.

Heartsaver AED First Aid

Basic First Aid for the general public, business and industrial personnel. The course consists of the principles and techniques for aiding the victim until more qualified help arrives. Course also includes CPR and AED training.

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