Transfer and Credit for Prior Learning

Blackhawk seeks to provide students with opportunities to obtain credit toward the completion of their technical college educational programming by providing credit for prior learning. In all cases, final determinations of credits earned are reached by the appropriate Division Dean or Division Administrator.

Students must complete at least 25% of the total program credits through coursework at Blackhawk. This shall include 25% of occupational core credits associated with the program from which the student will graduate.

If a student registers for a course for which the college later grants credit, students may choose to drop/withdraw from the course. Students are held responsible for all appropriate fees incurred.

Transfer Credit 

Credit for prior learning must be supported by official transcripts (in closed original envelopes and bearing the school seal). Transfer of credits can be evaluated from regionally and nationally accredited post-secondary institutions (where a "C" or better was earned) and, under certain circumstances, high school institutions (high school courses for which advanced standing was granted and a grade of "B" or better was earned). The College initiates this process upon your acceptance to the College. Once this process is complete, your Blackhawk transcripts will reflect grades of "TR" for all approved coursework. If students feel that specific coursework was not evaluated for transferability, it is the student's responsibility to provide the Registration and Records Office course descriptions from the appropriate college catalog along with a copy of the catalog's cover and/or a course syllabus. Once this information is received, the course(s) will be reviewed by the appropriate Division Dean. Students are notified of credits granted by email sent to the Blackhawk student email account.

Credit for Military Training and Service

As a member of the military, students may be eligible for college credit based on the American Council of Education (ACE) credit recommendation and the applicability to the program. The credits earned are for general electives required for an associate's degree only. Acceptance of credit by any college is at the discretion of the receiving college. It is the student's responsibility to obtain the necessary documentation (DD 214 and JST) for credits to be considered for transfer. Once the appropriate documentation is received, Blackhawk personnel will review military training and experience documents of former and currently enlisted U.S. Military personnel for the awarding of possible credits.

Please note:  All communications regarding any type of Credit for Prior Learning will be sent to your Blackhawk email account.

Credit for Work and Life Experience

When supported by adequate documentation, students may request awarding of credits based upon work or other experiences. It is the student's responsibility to initiate this process with his/her Advisor.

Credit by Exam (Test Out)

Credit by exam includes Advanced Placement, College Level Exam Placement (CLEP), and Challenge Exams. When students have advanced high school courses or other undocumented or unaccredited experiences, Blackhawk offers them the opportunity to receive credit by examination. Students must meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss this option.  Click here for more information on the Credit by Exam.