Substance Use Disorder Counselor

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Substance Use Disorder Counselor (SUDC) Associate Degree program is designed to prepare students to work with individuals with substance use disorders. Students will explore areas of assessment, case management, counseling, education and professional responsibility. Students will also develop and apply the skills necessary to work in a variety of agency settings offering substance abuse treatment and recovery services.  

In addition, the SUDC program satisfies the 100-hour educational component for licensing as a Substance Abuse Counselor in Training and the 360-hour educational component for licensing as a Substance Abuse Counselor and Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor as required by the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). A student may apply for their in training license through the State of Wisconsin DSPS as soon as the 100 hours of education are completed in this program at Blackhawk Technical College and start working in the field to gain hours of experience needed for licensure as a Substance Abuse Counselor or a Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor.”

All students admitted to the SUDC program must complete a full background check through ViewPoint  before registering for courses in the program.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Clinically evaluate for substance use disorders and treatment needs
  • Develop treatment plans
  • Facilitate referral to meet needs
  • Demonstrate service coordination skills
  • Demonstrate counseling skills with individuals, groups and families
  • Provide education relevant to substance use
  • Maintain clinical records according to agency, federal and state guidelines
  • Adhere to accepted culturally competent, ethical and behavioral conduct

Graduates Have Found Employment As

Graduates of the Substance Use Disorder Counselor program may consider these career opportunities:

  • Substance Use Disorder Counselor Aide
  • Residential Substance Use Disorder Counselor
  • Treatment Counselor
  • Resident Manager
Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
520-100 Introduction to Human Services 3
520-101 Community Resources and Services 3
550-118 Boundaries & Ethics in Substance Use Treatment 3
Mathematical Reasoning
or Intermediate Algebra with Applications
801-136 English Composition 1 3
Semester 2
520-105 Intro to Addiction and Substance Abuse Disorders 3
520-103 Interviewing Principles & Documentation 3
520-106 Professional Practices in Human Services 3
809-196 Introduction to Sociology 3
809-198 Introduction to Psychology 3
Semester 3
550-100 Substance Use Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment 3
550-115 Understanding Addiction 3
550-119 Substance Use Disorder Counseling 3
550-120 Psychopharmacology 3
550-160 Substance Use Disorders Internship 1 3
Semester 4
520-109 Group Facilitation 3
520-113 Rehabilitation Services 3
550-161 Motivational Interviewing 3
550-139 Substance Use Disorders Internship 2 3
801-198 Speech 3
 Total Credits60-61

General Education Courses Within Program

801-136English Composition 13
804-134Mathematical Reasoning3-4
or 804-118 Intermediate Algebra with Applications
809-196Introduction to Sociology3
809-198Introduction to Psychology3
Total Credits15-16