Transfer Pathways


Blackhawk Technical College is committed to providing students with comprehensive resources and support to help them achieve their academic and career goals. This is achieved by offering two University Transfer Programs, the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science; providing a dedicated space for transfer related information, called the University Center; and through articulation agreements to four-year colleges and universities.  

Philosophy of Transfer Pathways: 

Blackhawk Technical College believes in creating seamless and accessible pathways for our students to continue their education beyond the associate level. Our philosophy revolves around empowering students to pursue their academic and career aspirations by providing clear and flexible transfer options. We recognize the importance of a smooth and established transition from a two-year college to a four-year institution and are dedicated to facilitating this process through activities within the University Center and Advising Team.  

Considerations for Four-Year Pathways: 

1. Academic Advising: Blackhawk’s Academic Advising team is here to guide and provide options for students who are looking to earn bachelor’s or master’s degrees. While the BTC advising staff is knowledgeable about various pathways for students, the students themselves own the process and the decision making. Therefore, students should consider establishing a relationship with an advisor or admissions counselor at their receiving college/university (the institutions they want to transfer to) to verify the choices they are making. It is always up to the “receiving institution” on whether they accept another college’s course for transfer credit. 

2. Course Selection: When planning coursework, consider the transferability of the classes. We work closely with four-year institutions to identify transferable courses, ensuring that students make the most of their time at Blackhawk Technical College. Students should utilize tools such as and the Universal Transfer Agreement to determine transferability of BTC courses. It is always the decision of the receiving institution to accept BTC credit for program or graduation requirements.  

3. Transfer Support Services: Take advantage of the various transfer support services offered at our college, such as transfer workshops, information sessions, and campus visits from representatives of four-year institutions. These resources will help you make informed decisions about your academic future. 

4. Partnership Institutions: Blackhawk Technical College partners with the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater at Rock County to offer the University Transfer Program. Coursework may be taken at either institution to meet requirements of the Blackhawk Technical College degrees. To ensure proper communication and progress evaluations of the academic plan, it is the student’s responsibly to complete and submit the required Student Release of Records (FERPA) forms for all involved institutions. With the proper documentation on file, transcripts can be shared between registrar’s offices.   

The University Center is home to additional four-year University partners. These institutions have unique transfer and articulation agreements with Blackhawk Technical College. The institutions within the University Center are available to meet with students regarding pathways from applied programs at BTC to specific bachelor’s degree completion opportunities. Check the University Center webpage for the most up-to-date agreements and institutions.  

Many courses require a final grade "C" or better to transfer credit to 4-year institutions. For transfer purposes, students must also meet the accepting 4-year institution requirements to earn the bachelor’s degree with the accepting institution’s major(s). 

Articulation Agreements: 

Blackhawk Technical College has established articulation agreements with several four-year institutions to facilitate a clear transition for students. These agreements outline specific transfer pathways, including which courses will transfer and how they will be applied toward the completion of a bachelor's degree. BTC regularly updates these agreements to reflect changes in curriculum and admission requirements. 

To access information about specific articulation agreements and transfer pathways, please visit our University Center, speak with your academic advisor, or view current agreements on the Transfer Agreement page on the website. We encourage you to explore the possibilities and plan your educational journey strategically. 

Student success is Blackhawk Technical College’s priority, and faculty and staff are here to support students every step of the way. Whether you aspire to pursue a bachelor's degree in arts, sciences, business, health care or any other field, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and career goals.