Our Mission, Vision and Philosophy

Our Mission: We help you build your future with flexible education in a supportive environment. 

Our Vision: Delivering innovative education to enrich our communities. 

Our Values:

These are the Guiding Principles that will guide our actions, activities, and decisions as a college:

  • Responsive: Meeting students when and where they learn best, providing supportive services empowering them to succeed.

  • Collaborative: Creating critical partnerships, adapting to community needs.

  • Empowering: Building an inclusive, aligned and supportive culture, allowing students and employees to develop, grow and succeed.

  • Strategic: Optimizing college resources to meet the needs of learners and employers through data-informed decisions and innovative solutions.

  • Process-driven: Developing transparent, consistent, aligned and repeatable processes and procedures, focusing on efficiency, accountability, and excellence.

  • Inclusive: Cultivating a climate in which all students and employees feel welcomed, valued, and included.

Our Diversity Statement: In an effort to provide flexible education and a supportive environment, Blackhawk Technical College aspires to create a climate in which all students, employees and community members feel welcomed, valued and included. To that end, the College strives to use inclusive and accessible practices to create a community of diverse ideas, abilities, cultures and lifestyles.