Adding/Dropping Courses

Adding Courses

Students may add courses online through MyBTC or in-person up until the start of the semester. Once a course begins, registration can only be processed via email or in person, and with an instructor's approval. After the first week of the course, Dean and/or Program Chair approval is required.

Dropping and Withdrawing Courses

Students are responsible for notifying the College when dropping a course. Dropping a course can impact a student’s program status and completion timeline. Dropping a course may affect financial aid. If an agency or program is funding educational expenses, students may be required to have schedule changes approved by the agency or program staff. Students are responsible for all course fees not paid.

The add/drop period for a course is up until 20% of the course’s potential hours of instruction have been completed. When dropping a course, students may be eligible for a refund, in accordance with the WTCS Refund Policy (details found under Refund Policy). Courses dropped in the first 10% of a course’s actual hours of instruction are not listed on a student’s transcript. Refunds are directly deposited to accounts established in TouchNet or a check is mailed within two weeks if no outstanding balance exists.

After the add/drop period, students are able to withdraw from a course if 20% or less of the class remains (a grade of ‘W’ is recorded on the student’s transcript, and no tuition refund is available). Students must notify the Registration & Records Office through their Blackhawk student email account or in person to officially withdraw from their last course. Students using financial aid are highly encouraged to see the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing. It is also highly recommended that students meet with their Academic Advisor before withdrawing from any or all courses to review their options.

Students are able to register for a course in a future term while they’re enrolled in a pre-requisite for that course because success in the current course is assumed. If the pre-requisite course is not successfully completed, the College will administratively drop the student from the course in the future term, as the pre-requisites are now not met.


Failure to actively participate in any course during the first 10% of a course’s actual hours of instruction is considered non-attending. If an instructor reports a student as non-attending, the student is removed from the course and notified of their removal via their Blackhawk student email. At this point, students are no longer considered registered in that course and cannot start attending unless approval from the instructor is received. If permitted, the student must re-register by contacting the Registration & Records Office. Removal from a course due to not attending may affect financial aid.

Instructor Withdrawal

Once 10% of a course has taken place, up until 80% of the course, a faculty member can withdraw a student from a course with a grade of ‘W’ if the instructor recognizes that the student has not been engaged in the class for two consecutive weeks or 20% of the total class has been missed.
Students are responsible for the cost of any course they are registered in after the course has had its first meeting of the semester. Students must drop the course before its first meeting to not incur any charges for having been enrolled in the course. Please refer to the Blackhawk calendar for important dates regarding semester deadlines.


If a course is full when a student attempts to add it, an error message will appear where the student can select ‘waitlist’ from the dropdown menu and click submit.  If a spot opens in the course, the student receives an email to their email address. The student has 48 hours from the time the email is sent to take action and register via MyBTC. If the 48-hour timeline is missed, the student must go through the process of getting on the waitlist again. No charges for the course will be incurred until the student is officially enrolled in the course.