Child Care Services

One-Year Embedded Technical Diploma

Early childhood educators work with young children during the pivotal years that build the foundations for future success. The Child Care Services technical diploma at Blackhawk Technical College prepares you to work as teacher-caregiver in an early childhood education setting.  Gain hands on experience through field experience placements at local child care centers and related academic work at the college.  As a student, you’ll take a variety of courses related to early childhood development, curriculum planning, and behavior guidance in this high-demand field. Students practice creating developmentally appropriate play-based learning experience plans and incorporating health and safety practices.  If you have a passion for working with young children through 8-years of age, consider a fun and rewarding career in early childhood education.  Graduates of the Child Care Services technical diploma will be recognized as a Wisconsin Registry Career Level 11.  Courses in the Child Care Services technical diploma transfer directly into the Early Childhood Education associate degree program.

Upon successful completion of the Child Care Services technical diploma, students will be able to: 

  1. Relate knowledge of child development to practice
  2. Create relationships with children, family, and the community
  3. Apply observation, documentation, and assessment strategies
  4. Implement developmentally appropriate teaching and learning experiences
  5. Demonstrate professional practice
  6. Follow health, safety, and nutrition practices

Credits 12

Credits 27

A caregiver criminal background check and health examination are required prior to beginning a field experience course. Drug testing may also be required by certain sites. There are fees associated with these tasks. For more information, contact the program faculty and/or program advisor.
Taking a course within the Child Care Services technical diploma or Early Childhood Education associate degree prior to completing and passing a criminal background check does not guarantee enrollment in any of the field experience courses or placement in the early childhood field required for program completion.