CARE Center

The Careers, Advocacy, Resources, and Engagement (CARE) Center's mission is to support Blackhawk students on their path to academic and career success by helping them access services and resources on campus and in the community that assists them in managing barriers and developing connections. 

Support services offered through the CARE Center:

  • Career and employment services
  • Counseling and case management services
  • Access to community resources
  • Emergency assistance support
  • The Career Closet
  • The Student Cupboard
  • Campus engagement opportunities

If you’re looking for a quiet and comfortable workspace for assignments or job searching, we have the space for you! The CARE Center is located on the Central Campus in room 2220. Resources are available for students at all Blackhawk campuses. For more information contact

Counseling and Case Management Services

Counseling and case management services are free and available for all current students to assist in dealing with issues that impact their overall well-being. Your counselor understands that there are pressures and challenges faced while in college – not all of them academic. Through counseling and case management, current students can share problems in a safe and supportive space.

Counselors can help during these times by:

  • Sharing ways to manage stress and anxiety
  • Linking students to school and community resources
  • Discussing emergency assistance options for students
  • Assist in improving problem-solving and coping skills
  • Helping identify strengths and sources of support
  • Offering a different perspective
  • Providing a safe place to talk and have someone who will listen

Mental Wellbeing

Counseling and case management services are free and available for all current students to assist in dealing with issues that impact their overall well-being.   If individual counseling needs are determined to be beyond what is considered brief, every effort will be made to refer the student to an affordable, appropriate community-based provider.   Additionally, students can access support resources like HeadSpace and BetterMynd.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Funding is available for eligible Blackhawk students experiencing unforeseen financial expenses.

Transportation and Childcare assistance is also available for eligible students.

Non-Traditional Occupations (NTO)

Men and women both want careers they enjoy. The US Department of Labor defines non-traditional occupations as careers in which women or men comprise 25% or less of the total workforce. Advantages of non-traditional occupations include: higher wages, good benefits, advancement opportunities and work you enjoy. But there can be challenges, too, like: feeling isolated, balancing work and your personal life, and finding mentors in the field.

NTO students may be eligible for Transportation or Childcare Assistance.

Student Cupboard

The BTC Student Cupboard is a food pantry style campus resource supplying supplemental food, hygiene and household cleaning items that is open to all BTC Students. Our goal is to help meet immediate food needs of students and their families. We encourage students to visit once a week to select products based on household size. The Student Cupboard is located in the CARE Center, Room 2220 on the Central Campus.

Student Engagement

The CARE Center can connect you to student organizations, committees, positions and events that meet on BTC campuses. Below are general examples of ways to get involved, for a more comprehensive list please email the CARE Center at

Student Organizations and Clubs

Joining a Student Organization is a great way to get even more out of your BTC experience. There are both co-curricular and extra-curricular student organizations open to BTC Students. These organizations plan their own campus-wide, community or organization events and participate in Student Government Association sponsored events. Student Organizations foster leadership and personal development as well as providing outlets for community outreach and career opportunities.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of officers representing the needs and wants of the BTC student body. SGA is responsible for planning campus-wide activities and assist in facilitating changes on all BTC campuses. SGA members gain professional marketing, planning, negotiation and communication experience by planning events, sitting on committees and meeting with local legislators. Elections typically take place annually in April. To get involved email

Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Ambassador Program

The WTCS Ambassador Program recognizes and rewards outstanding student achievement in the Wisconsin Technical College System. Each year, one Blackhawk student is selected as the WTCS Ambassador to represent Blackhawk. The ambassador attends several state-wide events throughout the year, is a spokesperson for the WTCS, and is often a featured speaker at the annual commencement ceremony.

Student Awards Ceremony

The annual Student Award Ceremony recognizes student achievement in Academics, Career Development and participation in Student Organizations. This is an opportunity for Students, Staff and Faculty to celebrate the hard work and dedication shown throughout the academic year. The ceremony typically takes place in April, with nominations opening in March.   

Student Representatives on Campus Committees

Do you want to be involved in making decisions that impact the BTC community? There are several committees with open positions specifically for students! Most committees meet once monthly or quarterly to discuss ideas, plan annual events and vote on upcoming campus changes. 

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are a select group of students who represent Blackhawk to our student body and local communities. They serve as Advising, Registration and Orientation (ARO) leaders, tour guides and assist with the many events that take place on campus. Peer Advisors have been trained to answer common advising and registration questions.

Career Services and Leadership Development

Blackhawk takes great pride in offering a wide range of career and professional development services for students and alumni to develop the skills needed to get the job.  These skills include:

  • Job search assistance utilizing Handshake
  • Assistance with cover letter and resume writing
  • Interview skills, including mock interviews
  • Networking through events such as workshops and job fairs
  • On-campus employment opportunities through the Student Employment and Internship program

Career Services assistance is available in Room 2220 on the Central Campus. These services are also available at all other Blackhawk sites. Prospective graduates are encouraged to contact for more information.

Certificate of Professional Development

The Certificate of Professional Development is a non-credit program that allows students and alumni to develop and improve professional skills, which will provide them the edge in their job search. This training program is self-paced and those that complete the full Certificate of Professional Development will be recognized for their accomplishment. Program Benefits:

  • Receive specialized training and feedback.
  • Gain experience that can be applied in the workplace.
  • Take charge of professional development and gain more confidence in the job search/application.

Career Closet

The Career Closet provides all Blackhawk students access to new and gently used professional attire for interviews, career fairs, networking events, and the workplace. The goal of the Career Closet is to remove financial barriers that may prevent students with the highest need from looking and feeling their best during the internship and job search process. The Career Closet is located in the CARE Center (Room 2220).