Students are required to purchase their own textbooks and supplies. While it is not mandatory, students will usually find it convenient to purchase materials from the campus bookstore. The policy for a refund on book purchases is posted at the Bookstore. The receipt of purchase is required for any refund. A full refund on books used for full-semester courses is available up to one week after the first day of class. Full refunds are available for all other courses within 48 hours of the first class. The Bookstore does have a book buyback program approximately one week prior to the end of the semester.

The Bookstore has available a wide range of textbooks, educational materials, and school supplies. The Bookstore is typically open for additional hours during peak times. Visit or call (608) 757-7672 for more specific information. Services you can access via their website include reserving and pre-paying online and then picking up in the store, buying online and having your books shipped, and purchasing software at student discount prices. You must have a credit card to pre-pay or have the books shipped.