Governing Catalog

All of Blackhawk's degree programs are described in full in this College Catalog. Students should read it carefully to learn the requirements and characteristics of each program.

In order to respond to emerging needs and remain current with technology and workplace expectations, Blackhawk's programs undergo changes. Generally, a student may graduate following the academic plan established based on the program in place at the time of the student's initial enrollment. However, because of frequent program changes and the length of time taken by students to meet graduation requirements, the following policies will govern which academic plan will be used to define a student's graduation requirements.

  1. The college can, after one (1) year of non-continuous enrollment, require the student to follow the most recent program curriculum in order to graduate. A new academic plan will need to be created with an Academic Advisor.
  2. The college reserves the right to place a five (5) year limitation on accepting courses for graduation.
  3. At any time, a student may elect to follow the most recent program curriculum, after meeting with an Academic Advisor to develop a new academic plan. Doing so ensures the college is notified of the student's intention to follow the new program curriculum. Students may not change back to a previous academic plan.
  4. It is the student's responsibility to follow the academic plan under the chosen program curriculum and to ensure that all requirements for graduation will be met.
  5. If a student changes his/her program at any time, the student will follow the governing catalog at the time of the change.
  6. The college reserves the right to establish course substitutions when courses are inactivated to meet program curriculum requirements.