Medical Assistant

One-Year Technical Diploma

The Medical Assistant is a link between health care providers and their patients, their professional associates, and the suppliers of equipment and medications. The Medical Assistant is the team member who assists the qualified provider in the office or other medical setting, performing administrative and/or clinical duties. Demand for the Medical assistant may also occur in business or industrial health centers, health insurance companies and emergency care centers. The Medical Assistant has a wide range of duties supportive to the provider’s practice. Business/administrative duties include scheduling and receiving patients, obtaining patient information, maintaining medical records, maintaining supplies and equipment, and assuming responsibility for office care, insurance matters, office accounts, fees and collections. Medically related duties include assisting with examinations and treatments, taking health histories, performing certain diagnostic tests, carrying out laboratory procedures and sterilizing instruments and equipment.

caregiver background check is required prior to the beginning of program-specific courses. This should be completed before the first day of the semester. Please note: drug testing may also be required by clinical sites. The drug test and other health requirements will be due prior to practicum. There are fees associated with these tasks. For more information, please contact the program faculty and/or program advisor.

Program Outcomes

  • Perform medical office administrative functions
  • Provide patient care in accordance with regulations, policies, laws, and patient rights
  • Perform medical laboratory procedures
  • Demonstrate professionalism in a healthcare setting
  • Demonstrate safety and emergency practices in a healthcare setting

Graduates find jobs as medical assistants, secretaries, medical laboratory assistants, phlebotomists, receptionists, medical insurance clerks and electrocardiogram technicians.

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Plan of Study Grid
Courses taken before semester 1Credits
501-101 Medical Terminology 3
501-104 Culture of Healthcare 2
501-107 Digital Literacy for Health Care 2
Semester 1
509-301 Medical Assistant Admin Procedures 2
509-302 Human Body in Health & Disease 3
509-303 Medical Asst Lab Procedures 1 2
509-304 Medical Asst Clin Procedures 1 4
509-309 Medical Law, Ethics and Professionalism 2
Semester 2
509-305 Medical Asst Lab Procedures 2 2
509-306 Medical Asst Clin Procedures 2 3
509-307 Med Office Insurance and Finance 2
509-308 Pharm for Allied Health 2
509-310 Medical Assistant Practicum 3
 Total Credits32