Core Abilities

The College core abilities were developed to define the expectations of all graduates from Blackhawk Technical College programs, unifying all academic divisions and contributing to student success.  Not only are core abilities expected outcomes for students, but they also reflect the expectations of all College staff as well. 

Blackhawk Technical College has identified five core abilities that are crucial to success both during school and after graduation. These core abilities, based on input from faculty, employers, students, and other members of the community, are skills and competencies that will enable students to be successful in the workplace. These essential skills are taught across all programs and departments. Everyone at Blackhawk works toward improving and applying these critical skills.

Listed below are Blackhawk's five college-wide core abilities and their indicators. 

Demonstrate Critical Thinking 

  • Define problems clearly and precisely 
  • Utilize relevant information gathered from diverse perspectives 
  • Evaluate potential solutions using relevant criteria and standards 

Demonstrate Effective Communication 

  • Employ effective communication practices 
  • Adapt communication to engage diverse audiences 
  • Use technology to effectively communicate 

Demonstrate Professional Work Behaviors 

  • Manage time effectively 
  • Adhere to policies, procedures, and safety protocols 
  • Demonstrate accountability 

Demonstrate Diverse and Inclusive Practices 

  • Respond appropriately to diverse situations. 
  • Model respectful and inclusive interactions 
  • Acknowledge the contributions of a diverse society 

Demonstrate Professional use of Relevant Technology 

  • Demonstrate proper selection of equipment, tools, and resources to produce desired results 
  • Demonstrate safe and secure use of technology 
  • Use occupational specific technology in appropriate ways