Auditing Classes

Students may request the permission of the Division Dean to audit credit classes. The decision to audit must be made at the time of registration. Students taking a class for audit may not change to credit, nor may students change from credit to audit after the class begins. Students are only permitted to register to audit a course one week prior to the start of each semester. If a student repeats a course, it must be for credit and all course objectives must be met.

When auditing a class, students participate in the classwork, complete assignments, and meet the instructor's attendance requirements. Students with disabilities are expected to have a special adaptation plan in place which may waive some of the course requirements. Students will pay all of the regular tuition and fees for audited courses. However, no credit will be granted for the course. An "AU" will appear on the student's transcript as a grade for the course. Tuition will be waived for students 60 and older. However, all other fees will be charged.