Dental Hygienist

Associate of Applied Science Degree

This associate degree program prepares individuals for a career as a dental Hygienist. The dental hygienist is a member of the dental team and helps individuals maintain oral health and prevent oral diseases. Under the supervision of a dentist, the hygienist inspects the mouth, removes stains and deposits from teeth, applies preventative agents, prepares clinical and diagnostic tests, completes dental x-rays, and performs many other services related to oral care. Dental hygienists counsel patients about preventive measures such as nutrition, oral hygiene and dental care.
After graduating from an accredited program, dental hygienist graduates are required to successfully complete comprehensive written and clinical examinations given under the direction of the State Dentistry Examining Board, the American Dental Association's Joint Commission.

Model dental hygiene professional code of ethics

Counsel clients/patients to reduce health risks

Provide community oral health services in a variety of settings

Manage infection and hazard control

Assess data on all aspects of patient/client health using methods consistent with dental hygienist scope of practice and legal principles

Formulate a comprehensive dental hygiene care plan in collaboration with the client and other health professionals

Provide preventive and therapeutic services that promote oral health according to the needs of the patient/client

Evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented client/patient dental hygiene care plan

Plan of Study Grid
Courses taken before semester 1Credits
806-177 General Anatomy and Physiology 4
806-186 Introduction to Biochemistry 4
806-197 Microbiology 4
Semester 1
508-103 Dental Radiography 2
508-113 Dental Materials 2
508-102 Oral Anatomy, Embry, Histology 4
508-101 Dental Health Safety 1
508-105 Dental Hygiene Process I 4
Semester 2
508-106 Dental Hygiene Process 2 4
508-108 Periodontology 3
508-109 Cariology 1
508-110 Nutrition & Dental Health 2
801-136 English Composition 1 3
Semester 3
508-111 General & Oral Pathology 3
508-112 Dental Hygiene Process 3 5
508-114 Dental Pharmacology 2
809-198 Introduction to Psychology 3
Semester 4
809-196 Introduction to Sociology 3
508-107 Dental Hygiene Ethics and Professionalism 1
508-115 Community Dental Health 2
508-117 Dental Hygiene Process 4 4
508-118 Dental Anxiety and Pain Management 2
801-198 Speech 3
 Total Credits66

General Education Courses

801-136English Composition 13
806-186Introduction to Biochemistry4
806-177General Anatomy and Physiology4
809-196Introduction to Sociology3
809-198Introduction to Psychology3