Residential HVAC

HVAC/R is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. With the changing laws involving refrigerants, there is a constant need for qualified service and installation technicians to work on residential HVAC equipment. 

This program will provide proper training for people interested in a career in the residential/light commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) field. The technician will be prepared for employment in maintaining, servicing and installing HVAC systems for residential/light commercial applications. The most modern equipment, test instruments, and computers are used for instruction.

After completing the Residential HVAC one year Technical Diploma program, students may wish to pursue an Associates Degree in AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGY. Credits earned in the 1 year technical diploma are associate level courses and can be applied to the Associate Degree.

Program Outcomes:

  • Install HVAC components.
  • Service HVAC systems
  • Troubleshoot HVAC systems.
Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
601-116 A/C Safety, Tools, Thermal Dynamics and HVAC Terminology 1
601-117 A/C Components, Refrigeration Cycle and Refrigeration Gauges 1
601-118 Air Flow Fundamentals 1
601-121 Electrical Safety, Meter Usage and Ohm's Law 1
601-122 Parallel Circuits, Combination Circuits and Capacitors 1
601-123 Electrical Services, Wire Sizing and Electrical Diagrams 1
601-131 Access Valves, Compressors and Condensers 1
601-132 Evaporators, Metering Devices and Accessories 1
601-146 Flaring, Swagging and Soldering Copper Pipe 1
601-147 Air Acetylene and Oxy-Acetylene Brazing Copper Pipe 1
804-113 College Technical Mathematics 1A 3
Semester 2
601-136 Split Phase Motor Identification, Testing and Replacement 1
601-137 Variable Speed Motors, Current Relays, Potential Relays and PTC Relays 1
601-138 Transformers, Contactors, Relays and Motor Starters 1
601-141 Gas Pipe Sizing, Gas Regulators and Gas Valves 1
601-142 Residential Gas Furnaces 1
601-148 Refrig Recov, Deep Evac and Charging of Residential, Light Commercial, Geothermal and Ice Mach Equip 1
601-149 Refrig Recovery, Triple Evacuation and Charging of Heat Pumps and Refrig Equipment and EPA Test 1
601-151 Residential Split and Light Commercial Package Gas/Electric Cooling Applications 1
601-152 Residential Air-to-Air and Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Cooling Applications 1
601-171 Residential Split System Gas and Refrigeration Pipe Installation 1
601-172 Residential Split System Duct and Controls System Installation and Start-up 1
601-176 Residential Oil Heat, Duel Fuel Systems and Two Stage Heat Pump Heating Applications 1
601-177 Mini-Split, Light Commercial Gas/Electric Package and Unit Heater Heating Applications 1
 Total Credits26