Registration for Courses

Registering for classes can be done online or in person. Students are encouraged to register online using the MyBTC portal as course availability is first-come, first-served. Most newly admitted students are required to attend an Advising and Registration Oboarding (ARO) prior to registering for their courses. Students will register for an ARO through a link that is sent to them in their acceptance letter.

Registering is the process of enrolling for specific classes. Students must be registered for all classes they attend. Registration is necessary in order for an official record to properly reflect a student's participation in educational activities.

It is the student's responsibility to keep informed of all registration requirements and procedures. By registering for courses, a student accepts the responsibility for all fees. Not attending does not constitute a cancellation of that obligation, nor does it officially withdraw a student from the class.

Current students will register for the next semester’s classes before new students. This gives current students the first opportunity to enroll in the courses needed to complete program requirements. A registration schedule will be available to provide specific procedures to be followed, including the date and time of registration. Students are strongly recommended to register online by using their MyBTC account.

Online Registration

A student may register online via MyBTC if they are currently enrolled, have attended an Advising, Registration, and Onboarding (ARO), or have been previously enrolled within the last 365 days. To register online, go to At the top of, click MyBTC.  Once MyBTC is open, go to the Registration and Courses link to sign up for classes.

In-Person Registration

In-person registration is available at the Central Campus and Monroe Campus during regular office hours.