Course Age Limit Policy

Policy on Age Limits on Courses

Blackhawk Technical College does not apply blanket age limits to courses for the purpose of Blackhawk program completion, transfer in, meeting selective admissions, program’s ranking/entrance procedures, or meeting program requirements in award completion. Approved age limits on courses will be related to the competency(ies) students/graduates must demonstrate in the field, employment, and other measures such as certification examinations.

Courses included in an earned Associate or Bachelor’s degree, whether from Blackhawk or another institution, and transcripts showing 15 or more earned credits (passed with a C or higher) in the last 10 years are exempt from the age limits listed below.

Approved time limits on the applicability of courses to program admission and completion are available in program admission documents and on program-specific web pages. The college does reserve the right to deny prior coursework if significant changes in the area of study have occurred, or if current knowledge is necessary for student success. For example, computer coursework or allied health courses may have changed significantly and may no longer satisfy degree requirements due to changes in technology or professional practices.

Approved Age Limits for Transferring in Courses

Blackhawk Program and Courses (Year limit - date approved by Dean)

  • All Math and Science Courses (5 years)
  • All Clinical and Lab Courses (Health Science) (1 year, unless currently employed in the field)
  • IT Courses (5 years, unless currently employed in the field)
  • Web Software Developer (3 years)
  • MLT—Medical Laboratory Technician (5 years)
  • Nursing Assistant (5 years, unless currently employed as a Nursing Assistant)