Religious Belief Accommodations

Blackhawk will attempt to minimize conflict between your academic obligations and sincerely held religious beliefs. Reasonable accommodations will be made so that examinations and other academic requirements do not unnecessarily interfere with your observation of religious holidays.

Observation of a religious holiday does not exempt you from any course requirement but allows you an opportunity to complete the assignment through an alternate means as arranged with your course instructor(s).

The following procedures will be used to set up reasonable accommodations for a religious holiday:

  • Submit a written request to your course instructor(s) within the first ten (10) days of the class. The request will advise the instructor(s) of the specific date of the observation.
  • The instructor(s) will have ten (10) school days to respond to your request, in writing, outlining the accommodations that will be made.
  • You should remind the instructor(s), in writing, of the religious observation five (5) school days in advance of the anticipated absence.
  • The instructor(s) may provide you with a make-up assignment for the day absent. The instructor(s) are not obligated to schedule a make-up assignment before the regularly scheduled requirements are due.

Conflicts between your observation of a religious holiday and completion of academic requirements should be resolved informally between you and your instructor whenever possible. If the issue cannot be resolved informally, a formal grievance complaint may be filed.