Technical Studies Journeyworker

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The WTCS Technical Studies – Journeyworker AAS (10-499-5) is designed to help you achieve your career goals through academic recognition of both the related instruction and on-the-job learning that you completed through registered apprenticeship. As a member of the USDOL-OA-sponsored Registered Apprenticeship – College Credit (RACC) Consortium, the WTCS recognizes credit recommendations among RACC partners.

How does it work?

All WTCS colleges recognize successful completion of an apprenticeship program with at least 400-hours of paid related instruction provided through a WTCS college and possession of a Certificate of Apprenticeship (completion) issued by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development – Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards as fulfilling the 39-credit minimum Technical Studies requirement of the 60-credit Technical Studies – Journeyworker degree. In addition, students must complete 21 general education credits to meet the 60-credit degree requirement. Advanced standing for apprentice-related instruction taken at other accredited institutions is currently determined on an individual basis using established Credit for Prior Learning procedures. RACC recommendations are accepted. Review the Degree Completion Requirements below for more information.

Please Note: Tuition and fees vary by program. Please contact your program advisor for more information.