UW/WTCS Policy on Credit Transfer

Any student enrolled in the Wisconsin Technical College System who wishes to continue their education in the University of Wisconsin System may be eligible to transfer credits toward a bachelor’s degree.

UW institutions may accept in transfer up to forty-eight (48) Blackhawk core credits. In cases where UW institutions find such coursework not acceptable for transfer, Blackhawk students should have an opportunity to earn credit by examination if the UW institution offers a course that is generally comparable in content and/or title.

UW System students who have successfully completed an Associate of Applied Arts/Science Degree may be eligible to transfer certain technical support and/or occupational credits when there is a direct relationship between Blackhawk’s Associate Degree program and a program offered at a UW System institution.

Students transferring from the WTCS may earn credits by earning appropriate scores on national standardized examinations (e.g., College Level Examination Program) or examinations developed by the UW System transfer institution.

For more information about transfer opportunities, you should consult with your advisor or contact the Admissions Office at the UW System institution or private college of your choice.

Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees

The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees (AA/AS) at Blackhawk are designed to create structured pathways for students to transfer to complete baccalaureate degrees at the Universities of Wisconsin.

Students completing an AA or AS degree at Blackhawk will have met the General Education requirements of the Universities of Wisconsin and can transfer on a path to complete their chosen major. Elective options in the AA/AS programs will allow students to select courses that align with Universities of Wisconsin degree program requirements, individual students may transfer up to 72 credits based on eligible course selections. Specifically, Blackhawk and UW-Whitewater have developed a guaranteed transfer agreement to support these goals.