Supply Chain Assistant

One-Year Embedded Technical Diploma

This Supply Chain Assistant Technical Diploma provides you with the basic skills needed to perform entry level work in supply chain management. This credential is the pathway to the Associate of Science degree in Supply Chain Management. Functions such as logistics, purchasing, or material management all encompass part of a supply chain. Supply chains are led and managed by people who enjoy working with others and analyzing data. Without supply chain management, you could not get the products or services you need every day.

Upon completion of this technical diploma, students will:

  • Implement supply management practices in a global environment.
  • Demonstrate operations management techniques across product and service industries.
  • Analyze logistic interfaces and activities in a supply chain.
  • Evaluate demand management techniques and customer service policies.
Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
182-103 Introduction to Supply Chain Management 3
102-148 Introduction to Business and Management 3
196-108 Health, Safety and Security 3
102-161 Principles of Manufacturing Management 3
804-118 Intermediate Algebra with Applications 4
Semester 2
102-114 Principles of Operations Planning 3
102-155 Introduction to Project Management 3
102-134 Lean Six Sigma 3
182-106 Purchasing 3
182-107 Distribution & Logistics 3
196-159 Essentials of Quality: Lean Tools 1
 Total Credits32