Emergency Medical Technician

Short-Term Technical Diploma

The EMT typically represents one of the first components of the emergency medical system. This course prepares individuals to care for patients at accident scenes and transport by ambulance to the hospital under medical direction. The course emphasizes emergency skills such as managing respiratory and cardiac emergencies, medical emergencies, trauma emergencies and patient assessment, and teaches theses skills in a job-related context.  The national Registry of EMT's test is required at the completion of the course for licensure in the State of Wisconsin. The course is also a prerequisite for EMT-Advanced and EMT-paramedic training. EMT-Basic is 5 credits at 10 hours per week totaling 180 hours plus 10+ hours in a hospital emergency room setting and ambulance ride-along training.

A caregiver background check WILL be required for clinical portion of the program. Students must meet the immunization requirements set by the CDC.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
531-110 Emerg Med Tech/EMT-B 5
 Total Credits5