Technology on Campus

Blackhawk students have access to numerous computer labs at both Central and Monroe campuses, and open-use computers in the Student Success Center and Health Sciences wing.  MyEdChoice classes also have access to laptops for use on-site during class.
Students are welcome to bring their own device to campus.  All Blackhawk facilities are equipped with wireless Internet access. The Library, located in the Student Success Center on Central Campus, also operates an equipment loan program where students can check out laptops, hotspots, and other devices.  The Student Success Center has charging stations and BYOD (bring-your-own-device) stations to dock your laptop and utilize a full-size monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
IT Help Desk support is available both during and between semesters and can be reached at (608) 757-7711, by email at, online at, or in room 2506 at Central Campus.
Computer Use
Computers and computer systems owned by Blackhawk are to be used only for academic/instructional activities, and other official college business. They are intended for use by Blackhawk students and employees.
Students will be provided login identification and a temporary password at the time of the initial student registration. Usernames and passwords are unique to individuals and must not be shared. Every student is responsible for any activity under his/her username and password. Therefore, students should always log off a computer after each use. Computer users will be prompted every 180 days to change passwords.
Any use of college computer equipment and systems for illegal, unethical, or fraudulent purposes is prohibited. Displaying on college equipment or systems, or transmitting or distributing any material that is demeaning to persons of a particular gender, race, creed, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or other protected class is considered harassment and is prohibited.
Students who violate computer use policies may lose privileges to the college equipment and systems, and/or may be subject to disciplinary action. Blackhawk reserves the right to monitor the computer system and computer network use.
Network Account
Your network account gives you access to Blackhawk computer network services, such as the MyBTC portal, the internet, Microsoft Office 365 products, and your personal data storage space,OneDrive.
When a College computer is turned on, a "Welcome to Windows" message displays. Press CTRL + ATL + Delete to begin. You will be prompted for your username and password. Your username is the first initial of your first name and your last name (no spaces between). Some users will have numbers added to ensure uniqueness. Your username can be found on your acceptance letter or on your registration schedule/bill when you register for classes.
Your password is initially set to Blackhawk and your 9 digit student ID number (found on your acceptance letter or on your registration schedule/bill).  First-time users will be automatically prompted to create a new password when attempting to log in with their temporary password (i.e. Blackhawk000123456). You will also be required to set up your password recovery options and multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods.
More information about Information Technology can be found at or contact the ITS Help Desk at (608) 757-7711.
MyBTC (Student Portal)
The MyBTC portal is your connection to College resources. You can access the portal at with your full Blackhawk email address and password. In the portal, you can access information and your student records, including:
· Email
· Blackboard
· Register for classes
· Financial Aid
· Grades
· Starfish
· Make payments and set up payment plans through TouchNet.
You will be prompted to enter your password again the first time you access systems within the portal and after a password change.
Remember, always sign out, close the browser, and log off the computer when you finish.
Blackhawk Email Accounts
Every registered student is assigned an email account with his or her network account. Your email address will be
The Blackhawk student email account is Blackhawk's official communication method. It is where students receive emails specific to important College-wide and campus-specific announcements and communication with Blackhawk staff. Instructors may email students regarding assignments, class cancellations, and course updates. Check it often to stay informed.
In order to ensure that emails are received, do not forward your student email account to an alternate account as security measures may block receipt of emails.
Student email accounts can be accessed via the MyBTC portal and by clicking on Webmail, or directly at , using your full email address and password.
Students are encouraged to check their Blackhawk email daily. This is the official email address used for college business.
Blackboard is a learning management system. All Blackhawk courses use this tool to distribute and collect materials as well as to conduct discussions and assessments. Classes offered face-to-face may use Blackboard to support in-class instruction.
Blackboard can be accessed via the MyBTC portal, or go directly to the Blackboard website at, choosing the “Login with BTC” third-party login option, and using your full email address and password. Students taking online or hybrid courses have access to the Online Student Orientation in Blackboard. This is a valuable resource for learning about Blackboard functions and online/hybrid procedures. It is listed in "MyCourses" on Blackboard.
Passwords & Account Security
You will be prompted to change your password every 180 days. Passwords must be complex, meaning that they combine upper case, lower case, symbols, and numbers, or at least three of those four groups, and must be eight or more characters in length. Passwords are case-sensitive. To change your network/MyBTC password on a Blackhawk computer:
· Log in to the network
· Press CTRL + ALT + Delete
· Select change password
· Enter your current password
· Enter your new password twice
· Click "OK"
Or from anywhere:
Log in to your Webmail or any Office 365 app and click your name to access and modify various account settings, including changing your password.
At your first login, you will be prompted to set up security questions that can be used to confirm your identity should you need to reset your own password. If you forgot your password you will be able to reset it by correctly answering your saved questions.
You will also be prompted to configure multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure secure access to your account and data.  MFA helps to secure your account in the event that a cybercriminal compromises your password.  Never approve an MFA request when you are not actively trying to log in to a BTC system.  
Forgotten passwords may be reset by clicking the Forgot Password link at any login screen. If you need further assistance please come into the IT department in room 2506 at Central Campus with a photo ID in order to have your password reset.
Do not share your password. Blackhawk employees will never ask for your password.  BTC will never text, call, or email you threatening to disable your account.
As a registered student, you will automatically receive the following FREE printing budget at the beginning of each semester: Fall & Spring $15; Summer $5.
Printing prices are as follows:
3¢ – double-sided black ink
18¢ – double-sided color
2¢ – more each for single-sided
Students may increase their budget in-person at the Registration and Records Office. Funds added to the printing budget do not roll over to the next semester.