Individualized Tech Studies

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Rapid changes in technology and work processes have created a growing demand for flexibility and enhanced skill levels in the workplace. Employers increasingly are seeking workers able to perform multiple tasks and roles that cut across traditional occupational categories. To be productive and effective in the changing workplace, workers may need skills and knowledge drawn from a variety of traditional areas of study. As a result, BTC has a versatile Individualized Technical Studies Degree which complements industry needs, enabling students interested in pursuing an Associate Degree to create a unique, individualized program. This specialized program of study combines the skills taught in two or more existing BTC programs, and is designed in cooperation with an occupational advisor from the target industry and an academic advisor from BTC. Students achieve their career goals by acquiring skills and knowledge in an Associate Degree program tailored to meet their specific employment needs.

Below are the general requirements for your Individualized Technical Studies degree. Working with your academic advisor, you can plan your Individualized Technical Studies degree program.

General Education Courses (21-30 credits required)

Communications (select at least two courses) - 6 credits total required
801-136English Composition 13
801-195Written Communication3
or 801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication
801-197Technical Reporting3
Social Science (select at least one course) - 3 credits total required
809-166Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application3
809-172Introduction to Diversity Studies3
809-196Introduction to Sociology3
Behavioral Science (select at least one course) - 3 credits total required
809-198Introduction to Psychology3
809-159Abnormal Psychology3
809-188Developmental Psychology3
809-172Introduction to Diversity Studies3
809-196Introduction to Sociology3
809-166Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application3
 Mathematics or Science (select at least one course) - 3 credits total required

Select an appropriate mathematics or science course in consultation with your academic advisor.

804-113College Technical Mathematics 1A1-3
804-114College Technical Mathematics 1B1-2
804-134Mathematical Reasoning1-3
804-118Intermediate Algebra with Applications1-4
804-189Introductory Statistics1-3
804-195College Algebra w Apps1-3
804-196Trigonometry w Apps1-3
804-197College Algebra and Trigonometry with Applications5
804-198Calculus 11-4
804-211Quantitative Reasoning3

Also select 6 additional credits of approved General Education courses to complete the General Education Course Requirements.

Individualized Technical Studies Courses (36-47 credits required)

Working with your academic advisor, select existing courses from the program areas in which you are interested. At least 20 credits must by focused in one of your desired areas.

Electives (0-6 credits required)

Select up to an additional 6 credits of electives that are relevant to your career goals.

Total Program Credits - 60-70