Basic Skills Education (BSE)

Basic skills programming is open to all adults in the district who need to improve basic academic skills in the areas of reading, math, or writing before registering for General Education or program classes.  Basic skills classes are offered at BTC's central campus, Beloit Center, and Monroe campus as well as the Rock County Job Center and other community sites.  

Some basic skills education courses are designed to give preparation for General Education classes; others are specifically designed to aid learning while enrolled in program courses.  

For students whose high school education was insufficient to prepare them for General Education or program classes from the start, BSE classes can provide the review and basic skill development that may make the difference between success and failure in post-secondary education. 

All programs in this area tend to have very limited costs involved making them a very affordable way to enhance students' skills.  For more information, contact (608) 757-7741.