HSED-High School Equivalency Diploma

HSED programming (more formally known as High School Equivalency Diploma) is open to all adult students over 18 seeking a high school credential. HSED classes are offered at BTC's Beloit Center, central campus, and Monroe campus as well as at the Rock County Job Center and other community sites.

A High School Equivalency Diploma fulfills the high school diploma requirement for most jobs.  An HSED is issued by the state through BTC and is acquired by successfully completing four exams, plus three external components (Health, Civics, Employability). The HSED option is an attractive alternative for those non-high school graduates who have little or no high school credit accumulated. The minimum age to begin work on an HSED is 18.

Classes for HSED preparation are provided at no cost to students although some sites may charge minimal materials fees.  For more information, contact (608) 757-7741.