Supply Chain Management Certificate


The Supply Chain Management Certificate Program focuses on developing essential skills and knowledge in the areas of purchasing, inventory management, and logistics type careers and professional effectiveness in project management and negotiations.  This certificate is designed for the individual seeking exposure, advancement or professional development in the understanding of core supply chain functions.  All courses will apply towards the Associate of Applied Science degree in Supply Chain Management.


Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  • Define supply chain concepts and understand the flow of materials, information and money.
  • Demonstrate their ability to plan for, purchase and manage inventories and identify its impact on organizations.
  • Develop negotiation abilities and their capacity to understand and predict behaviors in competitive situations.
  • Evaluate supply chain costs and the profitability that stems from effective management practices.
  • Apply continuous improvement strategies to all aspects of supply chain management.
Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
182-103 Introduction to Supply Chain Management 3
182-106 Purchasing 3
182-107 Distribution & Logistics 3
102-155 Introduction to Project Management 3
102-114 Principles of Operations Planning 3
 Total Credits15