Weapons, Dangerous Instruments and Explosive Chemicals or Devices on Campus

The possession, use or threat of use of any object that may reasonably be believed to cause physical injury to another person is prohibited on all Blackhawk Technical College facilities and all Blackhawk Technical College-sponsored events (on and off-campus).

Prohibited Activities

  • A student shall not possess, use, or threaten to use any of the following items on campus:
  • Any firearm (including any weapon or instrument from which a shot, projectile, or other objects may be discharged by force, whether operable or inoperable, loaded or unloaded);
  • Any deadly weapon, defined as any instrument, item, or material readily capable of causing death or serious physical injury;
  • Any BB gun, pellet gun, air rifle, pain gun, stun gun, Taser, sword (whether decorative or not), or other martial arts weapon;
  • Any knife (other than an ordinary pocketknife carried in a closed position, with a blade of 3 inches or less or cutlery of a reasonable size, when used in a kitchen or other food preparation area)
  • Any explosive chemical or device including a substance or a combination of substances possessed or prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration, or detonation, including fireworks and illegal or┬ápotentially dangerous chemicals. Note: Possession of a license to possess or use of any of the above items will not constitute a defense of any violation of this section.

Interpretation: This does not prohibit any instrument or chemical expressly authorized for the pursuit of the academic mission of the College and used in an authorized manner consistent with that academic mission.