Theft is defined as taking or possessing the property of another without right or permission. Students will respect the property of the College, its guests, and all members of the College community.

Prohibited Activities

Specific violations of this standard include, but are not limited to:

  • The unauthorized taking, misappropriation, possession, retention, or disposal of any property owned or maintained by the College, another student, a person attending a College-sponsored event, or any other person;
  • The unauthorized taking or use of any College-owned or contracted service.

Possession of Lost or Misplaced Items

Any lost or misplaced item that is found should immediately be turned into the Campus Safety and Security Office. For instance, items found in the library should be taken to the library's circulation desk. Inquiries concerning lost books, articles of clothing, or identification cards should be directed to the Lost and Found located at the Campus Safety and Security Office.