Diesel Heavy Equipment I (070)

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070-321 Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning

This course focuses on the theory, operation, and troubleshooting of heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems in the diesel trucking industry. Learners examine system identification, diagnostic testing, and maintenance required per OEM/NATEF/EPA standards. Knowledge gained in this course will give the learner the ability to safely test and repair heating and air conditioning systems per OEM/EPA requirements within the diesel industry.

Aid Code: 32 - undefined.
Credits: 1-3

070-341 Electrical Fundamentals

This course introduces the learner to the theory, operation, and function of electricity as it applies to the diesel industry. Learners will read schematics, wiring diagrams, basic functions of a DVOM as well as test batteries, charging systems and learn basic voltage drop theory. Within lab settings, learners will be able to use their knowledge to test electrical circuit boards, starting and charging systems, and lighting circuits.

Aid Code: 32 - undefined.
Credits: 1-4
Co-requisites: (412-342) and (806-315)

070-403 Farm Equipment Safety

The 24 hour Tractor safety course is designed to instruct youth between the ages of 12-16 on safe use of fam equipment in accordance with Wisconsin act 455 that states " No person may direct or permit a child under age 16 years to operate a tractor/self-propelled implement of a husbandry on the high way unless the child has been certified as successfully completing tractor and machinery operation safety to use.

Aid Code: 47 - undefined.
Credits: 2.4