General College: Mathematics (834)

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834-109 Pre-Algebra

Provides an introduction to algebra. Includes operations on real numbers, solving linear equations, percent and proportion, and an introduction to polynomials and statistics. Prepares students for elementary algebra and subsequent algebra related courses. *Credits earned in this course will not be counted toward the number of credits needed for any degree.*

Aid Code: 10 - undefined.
Credits: 1-3
Pre-requisites: 854 781 or COMPASS Pre-Algebra Skills, 025 or ACT Math, 15 or AccuPlacer Arithmetic, 050 or Next Gen AccuPlacer Arithmetic, 243 or SAT Mathematics, 340
Co-requisites: 854-802

834-110 Elementary Algebra with Applications

This course offers traditional algebra topics with applications. Learners develop algebraic problem solving techniques needed for technical problem solving and for more advanced algebraic studies. Topics include linear equations, exponents, polynomials, rational expressions, and roots and radicals. Successful completion of this course prepares learners to succeed in technical mathematics courses.

Aid Code: 10 - undefined.
Credits: 1-3
Pre-requisites: (834-109) or (ASSET Numerical Skills, 40 or COMPASS Pre-Algebra Skills, 044 or ACT Math, 17 or Test Waived-College Degree) or (AccuPlacer Arithmetic, 089) or (AccuPlacer Arithmetic, 065 and AccuPlacer Elem Algebra, 030) or (Next Gen AccuPlacer Arithmetic, 272) or (Next Gen AccuPlacer Arithmetic, 257 and Next Gen AccuPlacer QRAS, 210)