General Studies (890)

Information provided includes course descriptions by subject only.
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890-400 ART Training

Aid Code: 47 - undefined.
Credits: 0.1-4

890-700 Growth, Relationships, Information & Technology

GRIT (Growth, Relationships, Information and Technology) supports students in their first semester to recognize their ability to grow and persist in college. Students identify various academic and non-academic support services available to them at the college and utilize these services for career planning, academic support and financial assistance. Computer technology skills are practiced and college readiness skills such as time management, critical thinking/reading and student strategies are analyzed and applied in the classroom setting to support student's individual success.

Aid Code: 77 - undefined.
Credits: 0.5-1

890-701 GED/HSED Orientation

Wisconsin requires students to obtain counseling from an approved educational advisor in order to take the GED® tests. This GED/HSED Orientation course is designed to satisfy this counseling requirement. Learners will determine the options available to earn a GED or HSED in Wisconsin, complete activities necessary to work toward an identified goal, career , or occupation, and develop a plan for completion of one of the GED/HSED options.

Aid Code: 76 - undefined.
Credits: 0.5-1

890-780 BSE Study Skills - College & Vocational

This class is designed to assist new and continuing students in the development of affective and coping skills, and study skills. The students develop a variety of learning strategies including test taking and note taking skills, study skills, computer skills, and organization/ time management skills. The course will also include an orientation to campus, information about other support agencies, training in self-advocacy, and development of an individualized educational plan.

Aid Code: 78 - undefined.
Credits: 1-2