History (803)

803-214 Native American History

Introductory course focusing on Native American history from the pre-Columbian era to the present. Topics include origins, cultures and sprituality, economics, interactions with Euro-Americans and the US governmnet (including removal and assimilation), alliances and rivalries, military strategies, native leadership, and tribal sovereignty. Explores the connections between native history and current affairs, with emphasis on native voices.

Aid Code: 10 - undefined.
Credits: 1-3
Pre-requisites: ((GPA High School, 2.6 or ACT Reading, 16 or EVIDENCE-BASED READ/WRIT SCORE, 480 or Next Gen AccuPlacer Reading, 251 or Test Waived-College Degree or GED-Reading, 165) or (GPA High School, 2.0 or ACT Reading, 12 or EVIDENCE-BASED READ/WRIT SCORE, 390 or Next Gen AccuPlacer Reading, 236)
Co-requisites: 838-104)