Music Appreciation (805)

805-201 Music Appreciation

Discover how music is intertwined with the history, art, politics, religion, and culture of people from around the world and across the centuries. In this course, students will learn to identify voices, instruments, and genres of music from the Middle Ages to today. Students will develop active listening skills and an understanding of how music, beyond one's personal taste, can be appreciated for its artistry and significance on human interconnectedness. Attendance at one live school, community, or professional musical performance is required.

Aid Code: 10 - undefined.
Credits: 1-3
Pre-requisites: ((GPA High School, 2.6 or ACT Reading, 16 or EVIDENCE-BASED READ/WRIT SCORE, 480 or Next Gen AccuPlacer Reading, 251 or Test Waived-College Degree or GED-Reading, 165) or (GPA High School, 2.0 or ACT Reading, 12 or EVIDENCE-BASED READ/WRIT SCORE, 390 or Next Gen AccuPlacer Reading, 236)
Co-requisites: 838-104)